Rich Pond Baptist Church
Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jim's Column

 Jim Krutza
Pastor of Music and Worship


April 24, 2012



This Sunday evening, at 6:00 pm, Rich Pond’s Youth Choir presents the musical, Prodigal. The musical is based on songs by Casting Crowns and presents how God’s love and patience persists toward us, even when we run away from Him.



Webster’s dictionary defines the word prodigal in three ways: (1) exceedingly or recklessly wasteful; (2) extremely generous; lavish; (3) extremely abundant, profuse.



Pray for the youth who present this musical. Pray that God will work in each life that hears the message, whether they are more like the older son or the younger son. Pray that our extremely generous Savior will lavish grace on us in the situations we face today.




Congratulations to the 2012 Kentucky Baptist All-State Children’s Choir. This auditioned group rehearses music before a weekend retreat lasting from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon – April 20 - 22. This year more than one hundred 4th – 6th graders from Kentucky participated in the choir. Many of you took advantage of the final concert located in Bowling Green. Lisa Hussung and Roxanne Nanney conducted the choir and directed the music during the retreat. Not only was Rich Pond well represented by Lisa, but these Rich Pond students participated in the choir:



Jaren Blakeman


Emma Brogli


Kelsey Coates


Lindsey Coates


Sara Beth Duggins


Julia Forsythe


Asmita Gill


Richard Gill


Ben Graham


Megan Graham


Keelie Martin


Sophie Pemberton


Eriona Shabani


Abigail Thornton


Grace Thornton


Emma Tuggle


Ashtyn Vandiver


Madeline Wix



Please congratulate and thank these boys and girls for learning how to improve their singing to the Lord. In addition, thank these chaperones who went on the trip: Jason Blakeman, Vicki Coates, Donna Jo Forsythe and Amy Jarboe. Beth Blakeman and Adam Vincent teach the Young Musician’s Choir each Sunday night.



Thank you for serving the Lord


with your gifts and time.