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Have you ever thought about what it means to be a member of a local church?  To many of us, it is a simple formality that gives us the right to vote at the annual business meetings and might even give us a sense of ownership in the programs, but is that really all there is to it?  What exactly are you saying or committing to when you become a member of a church?

At Rich Pond Baptist Church, we believe that membership in a local church is a vital part of the Christian experience.  The New Testament points to membership for our encouragement, protection, and growth.   One way we carry out  this vision is through a three-step process to join Rich Pond.

STEP ONE: Membership Matters Sessions 1-6 (see calendar above for class dates).  Please note that these sessions do not have to be taken in order.
Sessions 1-3 are offered on the first Sunday of each month at noon (lunch will be served and child care will be provided, please call 270-842-2593 for a reservation).
Session 1.   Nuts and Bolts – acquainting prospective members with the congregational life of the church
Session 2.   A detailed presentation of the Church Covenant
Session 3.  The Baptist Faith and Message I
Sessions 4,  5, and 6 being offered on the following three Sundays after Sessions 1-3.
Session 4.  The Baptist Faith and Message II
Session 5.  Church History
Session 6.  What is a Healthy Church Member?
STEP TWO: Membership Interview 
STEP THREE: Congregational Affirmation


Reception of Members
Candidates who present themselves publicly for membership and have completed the prospective member program and are affirmed by vote of the church will be accepted:
  1. For baptism as believers in Christ.
  2. By letter from a church of like faith and order.
  3. By statement, in which a person gives evidence of his or her Christian experience and has been baptized by immersion according to the teachings of this church.