Rich Pond Baptist Church

Rich Pond Baptist Church is going to their Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and End of the Earth to fulfill the Great Commission by developing strategic partnerships in Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States and in the World.  For additional information about missions, contact Brent Fields at or call 270-842-2593.


Jerusalem Partnerships in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Christ Fellowship:
Judea Partnerships in Kentucky
Sharpsburg Baptist Church
Samaria Partnerships in United States




Uttermost Partnerships in the World
West Africa
East Africa
Southern Baptist Organizations
International Mission Board:
North American Mission Board:
Kentucky Baptist Convention:

Warren Association of Baptist:

Prayer for Missions 
Prayer for Missionaries:  Church Directory

Prayer for Countries:  Operation World


Mission Education

Royal Ambassadors (RA’s) and Girls in Action (GA’s)
(meets on Wednesday Evenings for 2 year olds to 6th grade following Family Time).

Discipleship Classes – “Follow Me” by David Platt
(meets on Wednesday Evenings following family time).


Mission Events

Secret Church:   April 26


Mission Trips

St. Louis:  Serve with Passage Church during 1st week of June.
Fargo, North Dakota:  Serve with Sojourn Fargo during Warren County Schools Fall Break.
Sharpsburg, KY:   Spring 2014 for Open House and Summer Bible Clubs.
New York City:
East Africa:  Summer 2015.
West Africa:  (Fall, Winter, Summer)

If Interested in serving on one of these trips contact Brent Fields at


Mission Training

International Disaster Relief:
School of Prayer
Africa Base Camp:


Mission Giving
Lottie Moon:  Christmas for International Mission Board
Annie Armstrong:  for North American Mission Board
Eliza Broadus:  for Kentucky Baptist Convention

World Hunger: for Baptist Global Response


Rich Pond Baptist Financial Support

Cooperative Program
Warren Association of Baptist
Hispanic Church
Baptist Student Union
Christ Fellowship Church
Hope House Ministries
Sojourn Fargo
Passage Church
Heart Cry Ministries:
Mission Resources

“Let the Nations be Glad”  by John Piper
“Radical”  by David Platt
“Follow Me”  by David Platt
“What is the Gospel”  by Greg Gilbert
“When Helping Hurts”  by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert


• UDisciple  
• 2waystolive 
• Joshua Project:
• The Story:
• Mission Box: