Rich Pond Baptist Church

College Ministry

April 17th-18th

@Christ Fellowship Church

Our Desire in College Ministry

"The College Ministry at Rich Pond desires that through corporate worship, life on life discipleship and the studying of God's Word, Christ may be exalted fully.

We pray that students are nurtured in Gospel truths, Biblical principals and fellowship among believers. We pray that through the time spent at Rich Pond students are equipped and propelled to take the Gospel to the nations. May God's Word nurture truth to us revealing our desire to worship Him and thus resulting in sharing the Gospel where ever He wills."

Titus 2:1-8

Becca Keen

Becca serves as the College Ministry Director and has for two years. Becca says, "My ultimate hope is that during their time at college, students would commit to a body of believers. Hopefully that commitment would result in the regular gathering for worship, the humble serving of the church and the expansion of His Gospel to all."

Weekly Gatherings


Class 9am

Worship 10:30am


Free meal to students 5pm

Rooted Experience 6pm

College Lunch

Our members are excited to serve our students by providing a monthly meal after morning service.

Join us after service on:

Feb. 16th

March 22nd

April 19th

May 3rd


As a church we long to follow the New Testament example of multi-generational discipleship. We pray for a church culture where older men and women are pouring into the younger generations. Wednesday Nights are set aside to aid discipleship through time of learning, life on life discussion and prayer.