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Worship is about giving God glory because of who He is and what He has done in Christ.  At Rich Pond, we believe that worship involves every corridor of our lives.  The way we work, serve, preach, attend mission trips, play ball, raise our kids, or even show hospitality are each acts of worship for the Lord. 

Every week we gather to encourage one another by singing songs that are centered on God and the gospel.  We gather to be equipped by the preaching and teaching of God’s word.  These scheduled times of congregational worship should then motivate us towards faithfulness as we scatter to proclaim the “good news” out in the world. 

with passion

Worship at Rich Pond .....


I am gathering with God's people to worship & hear the Gospel proclaimed.

Music Notes


I am faithfully serving in at least one ministry of Rich Pond Baptist Church

Divine Healing


Worship Gatherings

Sundays 8:30 & 11:00  

Congregational Worship

Facebook Live Stream 8:30 am


   Wednesdays 6:00 pm

RP Kids

RPBC Students

Women's Prayer Study

Psalm Study

Music Teams

There are many ways to use your gifts to serve in worship and music ministry.

Worship Team



Tech Teams

Fine Arts Academy.



Sunday Morning Worship

During our Sunday morning gatherings at Rich Pond we seek to encourage the body of Christ through expositional preaching, praying, scripture reading, and congregational singing.  We draw upon many different styles of music from the past and present to remember the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

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